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Hidden in a secret location deep in the Sussex countryside, Storage Legends
is a high security car storage facility, offering a flexible, professional service for any
make of vehicle. Read more

Storage Legends is located within easy range of Gatwick Airport, central London and the Channel Tunnel. We have VIP services for delivery and pick up, short and long term parking options and offer a private, secure service. We offer a specialised professional package for ‘collection’ cars including air chamber and full service options, and a bespoke service for overseas customers wishing to have a valet service/garage facility for their UK cars.

Storage Legends began as a facility for clients of Munich Legends, the UK’s leading independent BMW specialist, to store cars for overseas clients, travelling petrolheads and classic BMW collectors. Now all types of legends are welcome, and you can be assured of a professional, caring and discrete service for you and your car.

Our facilities are not open to any member of the public. They are protected by state of the art security systems, and monitored by live camera feed 24/365. For BMW owners full service and extended care services are available (enquire here).


+   Car Storage£120 per month Read more

We provide 24 hour monitored storage with all the peace of mind you deserve for your legend. Our hidden, discrete facility is equipped with the latest in hi-tech alarm and physical security, as well as full video and live feed systems. Each car has its own power supply - trickle chargers are available or you can supply your own - and car covers can be supplied or provided by the owner.

+   S+M   - Start + Move (additional)from £25 per month Read more

As part of our Start + Move package, each month your car will be started and moved (where appropriate/requested) and visually inspected. Other specific care and monitoring requirements can also be requested. Feel free to chat to our team for more details or with any requests on 01825 741111.

+   Air Chamber (additional)£65 per month Read more

An optional air chamber with treated/dehumidified air supply is available as an additional service. Our air chambers protect from dust and damp and keep your legend in perfect conditions. They are compatible with trickle chargers and are in addition to the car storage option. 

+   Airport parking / VIPfrom £45 per weekRead more

Short-term (less than 1 month) airport parking is available with pre-arranged drop off and pick-up options from £45/week. Additional valet and delivery/drop-off services are available for medium or long-term airport customers, as well as long term storage/pick-up arrangements for overseas Clients. Please call our team on 01825 741111 for more detailed information.


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+ How do I get my car to you?

We operate a valet parking service. Cars can be dropped off at Munich Legends, The Ashdown Garage, Chelwood Gate, East Sussex, RH17 7DE. Our driver will then take your vehicle to be stored.

+ How do I pick up my car?

We operate a valet parking service. Cars can be picked up from Munich Legends, The Ashdown Garage, Chelwood Gate, East Sussex, RH17 7DE.

+ What notice do I need to give to pick up my car?

We ask for a minimum of 24 hours notice, unless you have other specific requirements. We will always try to be as flexible as possible.

+ Is the battery monitored?

Only with our S+M package. Otherwise we advise either disconnecting the battery or using a trickle charger.

+ Is trickle charging available?

Yes, there is a power point available for every car. You can either provide your own trickle charger or purchase one from us.

+ Is the facility dehumidified?

No, but a dehumidified air chamber is available as an extra service.

+ What does an air chamber do?

The air chamber works by circulating up to 50,000 litres of clean air per hour throughout the storage cell whilst electrostatic filters trap even the smallest airborne particles. Excess moisture and stale air leave via zips and vents. Replenished by fresh, filtered air from the fans, the environment will always remain fresh, as well as condensation-free (because rapid changes in temperature are prevented). With a virtually moisture-free atmosphere, rust and mould simply cannot develop. This helps prevent materials like wood, leather and rubber from losing their natural qualities.

+ What sort of security do you have?

Obviously, we don’t give too many details. Our facilities have a high level of physical, electronic and third party security, including patrols, 24 hour live monitored cameras, state of the art intruder alarms and physical protection. Security is our biggest priority.

+ How does the insurance work?

Cars should be insured by their owners. If you are an overseas client and are experiencing problems getting the right cover, we will be happy to help where we can. For further details, contact our team on 01825 741111.

+ With S+M, how often will my car be started?

Your car will be started once per month. Any specific starting instructions should be notified in writing in advance.

+ What if the car won’t start?

If we have any problems starting your car, we will notify you immediately.

+ With S+M, how often do you check over the car?

We will carry out a visual check of the car once a month.

+ What does the check over involve?

Our visual check is very basic, and is a general once-over. This check takes around five minutes.

+ With S+M, how often will you move the car?

We will move the car once the visual check over has been carried out, once a month.

+ How far is the car moved?

We move the cars only a few feet.


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